How to pack your luggage?

Here is a packing expert named Heather Poole from Los Angeles of the US. She is a flight attendant ,We would like to share her experiences with you:

Tightly roll up your clothes like a sausage.

Put shoes along the edge of the luggage, and then put your pants in the middle.

Put lighter clothes on the upper layer.

Put your lightest jacket on top, this is the top layer of your packed clothes.

The remaining space is for cosmetics and handbags. Look at how much space you saved by using these tips while packing!

In addition, for short distance travel, Poole also shows a method of how to minimize wrinkles.

Put your uniform and trousers along the edge, trousers legs first extended outside.

Place easy wrinkled clothes in the middle, then place your cosmetics and handbags on top.

Finally put the trousers legs in.

Happy trip…

The advantage for this is to reduce the baggage fee. The fewer luggage, the more convenient for your travel.