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Founded in 2002,located in the metropolitan city of Shanghai, covering an area of more than 40,000sqm, Conwood is an international organization specialized in luggage design, R&D, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, brand marketing etc. Conwood also invests heavily in advanced manufacturing centers.

Conwood products are exported to more than 50 countries and areas all over the world, including Europe, the United States of America, Japan, Taiwan and so on. With 12 international advanced production lines of luggage, Dozens sets of imported sophisticated production equipments and latest quality testing machines, and international high salary expert team from Japan & Europe, we have successively achieved the certification of “ISO9001:2000” for our quality system.

Our luggages are popular all over the world

Since its foundation, Conwood has established a strong international sales network and Conwood products are exported to more than 50 countries and areas all over the world, including Europe and America, Japan, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan China, Hong Kong China and so on.

Our Advantages

Completed and operational during 2022, the new state-of-the-art CONWOOD&ECHOLAC factory is easilyreached by car from Shanghai HQ,and strategically located for accessibility and efficientconnectlon to the company's network of leading material and component suppliers.This all-new facility covers more than 30,000 square meters including material processing, sheet-and-shell manufacturing,sewing,testing,logistics and warehousing,and produces what we fec· some of the very best high-performance luggage in the world.

Process Quality

We insist on excellent and creative design, innovative technology, high quality and carefully selected materials, excellent customer service, because we are dedicated to be the leading brand of luggage.

To achieve our belief, we are committed to provide customers with a unique fashionable design and user-friendly functional products, we focus on technology innovation with first-class techniques to create only the best products and we provide considerate service.

With a dozen years of experience in the production of luggage, Conwood accumulates the belief of strict, committed, progressive and unique manufacturing spirit. The company established a professional , rigorous and progressive corporate culture. Conwood puts the fashionable design concept into high quality manufacturing process to bring customers maximum comfort and a user-friendly travel experience.

R&D Team

Our designers from both China and Japan work together with Italian experts, they established an innovative R&D center to meet the customers’ demand.

In order to design and create supreme travel products to satisfy our customers, we are committed to research of the various features and technical developments of luggage, and invite excellent designers and R&D experts from Japan and Europe, and also established a long term cooperation with domestic famous design institutes. Based on our strong manufacturing capability, we can achieve no differentiation from design to finished products.

Handle test

Tested by giving jerks to the handle for 2500 times in a loaded condition,with a speed of 20 times/minute.

Handle test1

Tested by giving jerks to the handle for 2500 times in a loaded condition,with a speed of 20 times/minute.1

Quality Management System

We established three major R&D and manufacturing centers in Japan, Thailand and Mainland of China, our world-class production lines manufacture high-quality products. Each luggage has been gone through more than dozens of rigorous processes from design, model-making to a finished product. Our strong R&D capability helps us to achieve more and more breakthroughs in the luggage industry.

Each product is in strict quality inspection in accordance with the international standard before officially put on the market , adopting international advanced high-precision inspection equipment for 6 major steps to ensure high-quality and safety.

Quality Selection

Most luggage producers use low quality recycled plastic material in their production process, which is of inferior quality and can cause cancer. Conwood however uses the best quality materials to provide safe and trustworthy products.

Creating lightweight and strong travel products is the pursuit of Conwood. For our hard cases, we use Germany imported Bayer PC granules, which are melted down and compressed into thin sheets of Polycarbonate. The Bayer PC is also used for aerospace vehicles, astronaut`s protective equipment, bullet-proof plastic and high qualitative hard case luggage. The advantages of PC are very lightweight, durable, anti-scratch and wear resistant.

Conwood soft cases are made of imported polyester fabric, giving it a more lightweight texture; making the luggage flexible and strong, increasing resistance and maintaining shape, scratch resistant, breathable, clean and dry.

Design Concept

Committed to make the best luggage, we are focusing on continuous improvement.                        Our international designers cooperate closely to learn the newest international fashion trends from Japan, Korea, and Milan etc. where they watch the newest market trends and keep an eye on new models, colors and diversity. After deep researching the multiple demands of our customers for luggage and considering the different means of usage, environmental factors and external forces, our experts make careful measurement, precise calculation and repeated comparison, after more than 500 times of simulation testing.

Careful and meticulous work is just to provide our customers a better travel experience


With strong R&D capability, internationally advanced techniques, cutting-edge production equipments and more than a dozen years of OEM manufacturing experience, we have won good reputation for our product quality, in 2007, we gained the “High quality, High technology” certification for suppliers from retail giant “METRO”.

Careful and meticulous work is just to provide our customers a better travel experience

Our Advantages

  • International advanced production line, imported manufacturing equipments, to achieve excellent products.
  • Imported intelligent process management system could guarantee rigorous process and on-time delivery.
  • Perfect quality supervision and inspection system could precisely control each step of production to guarantee quality.
  • From raw material procurement to production optimization, strict cost control could achieve high quality with low price.

Small Orders

Provide flexible solutions for smaller orders.

With intelligent supply chain management system, we could achieve flexible scheduling, prompt delivery and diversified production to meet customer’s all kinds of needs for smaller orders.


  • 2004 Shanghai Conwood achieves the certification of ISO9001:2000 for our quality system.
  • 2006 The China leather association nominates CONWOOD as one of the top 12 best companies in China`s luggage industry.
  • 2007 Conwood has the honor to be named as one of Shanghai`s famous brands.
  • 2007 Conwood is certified as a high-quality supplier for the German retail giant METRO.
  • 2008 The high end Japanese brand with more than 50 years of history starts to cooperate with Shanghai Conwood, officially entering the Chinese market.
  • 2011 The company wins the Red Star Award in the category of luggage with one of their collections.

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